Thursday, March 01, 2007


Woot, February's behind us...I hope ;) Last night I managed to keep up my resolve and go to Newbody. I just have not been that overly motivated to go to the gym lately. I do fit in some workouts at home but I'm probably down to 2-3 classes a week. It was a really good class and I worked up quite a good sweat. I returned home and showered while Alex was out at Beavers. You'd think I would have been motivated to finish the cross stitching portion of the dragons but no, that wasn't the case. After a bowl of popcorn with my favorite beaver I found myself in the Outlands of Azeroth with my hubby ;)

Well now that it's officially March I guess its time to review my stitching goals that I set last year

  • Shepherd's Bush Terri's Stocking (for me) (Finished)
  • Fiddlestitch Cottage Winter Teapot (Finished)
  • Fiddlestitch Cottage Spring Teapot (90%)
  • Dragon Dreams Lost Dragon Sampler (for Alex) (Finished)
  • Finish Dragon Dreams Summer's Magic (95%)
  • Finish Lavender and Lace's In The Arms Of An Angel (this will probably go to work on status as I'd like to stitch Alex's stocking)
  • Leisure Arts In The Life Of A Child (2%)
  • 6 ornaments (0)
  • Finish Mirabilia's Guardian Angel
  • Finish SB's Baby Bug Ball (65%)
  • Work on Lavender and Lace's The Wedding
Next week I'm off so I'll probably get to do a little more stitching than usual. Alex really wants to learn to stitch so I'll have an excuse to get all of my stuff out :) He really wants to stitch a dragon and I think I have a dragonlet freebie that'll be easy enough for him to do after he masters making his x's. He LOVED the time I let him play with my mill hill beads. They do some big hundredth day of school thing in February and this year we didn't just send 100 of something in (last year was pennies, pretty cheap), it had to be divided in noticeable groups of 10. So, Alex made a little bracelet of mill hill beads. It's soo pretty :) Plus it was a really good activity to work on his fine motor skills. Tonight, no big plans. I'd like to head out to the coop where it's a sale week and Saturday will be insane. I'm hoping to finish stitching the sand at lunch today which should be doable ;)

I'll end this with a new Alex'ism. To begin Alex really wants a digital camera, so Santa has a whole year to price compare/match the Fisher Price camera. However that doesn't mean he still doesn't want a chance to play with mine. I was at the computer uploading some pictures when he came in the room and said, pointing at the camera and without skipping a beat 'Mom, when you get old and die can I have this?' Great! I've got a will chaser already :P


Black Cat Ryan said...

Cute Alex-ism!

Shannon L. said...

LOL Alex you are a cutie ! LOL

Pumpkin said...

Hope you have a great time next week. I wish I had it off :o( If the weather continues like this it will be awesome!

Note the $2 matinees all next week :o)

Lori-Ann said...

That's too funny, LOL...are you sure he has'nt been talking to my son? My son has dibbs on my "Star Wars" dvd's. snicker