Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stitching Night Recap

Last night was the monthly Friends That Count get together. I really look forward to a little mommy time, especially where I've been doing alot of running for DS pre-surgery appointments. We had a new stitcher last night who had the most beautiful Blossom Harvest I have ever seen, it's such a shame the Mirabilia pictures just don't do them justice. We were also lamenting about the local sewing shop closing it's doors at the end of June. With whatever issues we've had with the store over the year (definitely not the staff though), we'll be pretty much up a creek when it comes to beads and specialty flosses, guess I'll be calling the shops in Miramichi and Moncton a bit more now...sigh.

Back to stitching, I made some more head way on Mirabilia's Guardian Angel, I started stitching in the grey/blue that is at the bottom of her form. Towards the end of the night, when I was getting tired of the colour, I pulled out my creamy white afghan material, divided it into two for baby throws and put my fringe lines and trenches in for ladder lacing. Hopefully I can get them done before some of my friends have their babies this year. What a baby boom!

Today is pretty exciting, DH and I will be heading out to Star Wars at 3:15. That meant alot of extra time put in here and there for the last three days but it'll be soo worth it. Tonight we have my mother visiting as she's taking care of DS tomorrow, I'll be introducing her to scrapbooking at our bi-weekly Creative Memories get together. I can't wait!!

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