Friday, May 20, 2005

Post Episode III Day

Getting to Star Wars yesterday was great, I was really happy with the movie and am hoping to go back to digest everything. Today's kind of a let down knowing the story is over, sigh... When Return of the King came out it wasn't as bad, there were only three years aloted to covering the whole trilogy in theatres, for the six years for the Star Wars prequels really leaves a little void in my entertainment world. But my Thursday night's have recovered post Friends-era so I'm sure in time it will pass ;) If the ending wasn't so sad, well as sad as any sci-fi movie can get I'm sure this would be a bit easier ;)

When I got home my mother, who is in town to cover for ds's sitter who is taking a well deserved vacation, and I headed off to scrapbooking. It was neat watching her scrapbook for the first time. Originally she was the one that had talked about scrapbooking and I just caught her enthusiasm and tried it first. We had fun at Tracy's and got a sneak preview of her new Fiddlestitch Cottage teapot coming out the first day of summer.

When we arrived back at the house I started ladder lacing an afghan/throw while catching the end of the season finale of CSI. Instead of the gym today I went home to see how DS and mom were making out and had lunch with them which was nice. It's nice to see DS during non evening hours.

Hopefully this weekend will see a big improvement in the Guardian Angel and maybe a finish on my Dragon Drams Christmas ornament. With Monday being a holiday I'm really hoping to also get the ladder lacing done on that afghan/throw...

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