Wednesday, May 25, 2005

No Surgery...What a Relief!

Well after 5 months of wondering yesterday we found out that surgery wouldn't be necessary on DS's bump on his scar, the ultrasound couldn't find a hole indicating a hernia so it's been deemed a lump of scar tissue. Yippee!!

We had a very productive weekend around the house even with DH down with the cold I had earlier in the week, even if it came on the sad news of DH's cousin's daughter passing away at 20 months of complications due to TTTS. Over the weekend when DS and I weren't finishing up George's Marvelous Medicine I made quite a bit of headway on my Mirabilia Guardian Angel, now if only I had a digital camera to update my progress. While out for groceries/market I picked up a bleeding heart (FIL killed mine last year by accident) and PJM Rhododendrum, thank goodness for coop money at the pumps to soften the blow of buying yet another shrub ;)

On Monday I put together DH's workbench that he received for his birthday and proceded to install the closet door in my craft room (which looks much easier than it was ;)). After a family bowling trip I also put up my hummingbird feeder, it's amazing how much more we're getting done this year now that all of our stuff is unpacked in the house. Last night DH dug up a quadrant of an old flower bed (I think the previous owners first wife was a gardener and not the second) and I finally planted some perennials, although I'll miss them in the morning as they were sitting on my sunny kitchen window ledge for a couple of weeks now. After scrubbing all the dirt off my fingers it was safe to go back to stitching white on the angel. I thought I'd reward myself and take a little break after an hour and stitch on a Shepherd's Bush ornament that I'd started Monday night but it appears the one I chose is the only one that has colours different than the other 4 ornaments so I now have to order 4 Weeks Dye Works, sigh....

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