Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trick or retreat

2 more sleeps until retreat. I can barely contain my excitement. Tonight marks the official packing night.  A quick run to Walmart to pick up some decorations for my spot, a special picture of the tassel twins from the last retreat Cathey and I attended and a frame for said picture and I'm good to go.  Now don't all marvel at my incredibly 'organized' packing two nights's out of our necessity!  When I was away last month I had a course that I was scheduled to take and that's rescheduled to tomorrow night. So maybe I'm kicking off some much needed me time early. Dinner out, class with Fauth Ann at Beadnik learning to make silver rings...yep definite kick off!

Speaking of kicking off,I'm practically dancing. My brother is moving home from Argentina next month and he's the last on the list for a Shepherd's Bush stocking. The stitching on that stocking finished today!  Now to wait for the charms to arrive and to find some time to sew between now and Christmas: (my apologies, the camera on the iPad is inferior to the iPhone IMO)

I'd meant to write a post sooner to show off the kid's trick or treating picture but I was getting so close to finishing, it became all consuming. Halloween was fun and the rain held off until we were finishing up with our last neighbour. Big kudos to our neighbors, my kids are usually the only ones that trick or treat on the street and they pull out all of the stops for them every year. This year Faith Ann and her son joined us again. It was so nice to be able to chat instead of being on full time ref mode. Lily kept up with the boys no problem, she'll be trick or treating deep into the subdivision in no time!

Until next time...



Julie said...

Great costumes the children were dressed in.

Beautiful stocking, a lovely welcome home gift for your brother.

Enjoy the retreat with your friends.

Mii Stitch said...

Have lots of fun at the retreat!!! (so wish I could attend one). Love the stocking, it will be a great present for your brother :)

Christina said...

Have a great time at the retreat and at your ring class.

How nice to have your brother back home. Lovely stitching on his stocking.

Cute Halloween costumes.

Anonymous said...

The stocking is beautiful. I can't wait to see your finish.

Have fun at the retreat and we want pictures.

Your children look great together and sounds like they had a blast.

Valma said...

this stocking is so lovely
sweet colours , I'm sure your brother will love it =)
can't wait to see the finish
we don't celebrate Halloween here, I wish we do ! I bought candies & expect kids to knock at the door but no one came ! Hubby & I have to eat all the candies now :)

Catherine said...

Congrats on the stocking! Sweet pic of the kiddos. Enjoy your retreat ~ looking forward or reading all about it!