Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parties, Visitors and Pictures

Today was the day the kids were looking forward to - Halloween Party Day!  They could barely contain their excitement which meant we were one step away from voluntary commitment ;). On days like today you'd think there was far less than the 10 years there are between them. However we managed to separate them by assigning chores for the other excitement of the day...a vist from Junior! I have accepted that I will probably never have little nieces or nephews so I get very excited when my friends have little ones...and where we're in our late 30's and 40's well, it just makes it extra special. Lily was so excited, I think she talked his ear off

Getting hugs and kisses!

After our visit we headed to DH's work.  Lily was very excited that there was just enough tulle left to make Baby a tutu as well

Dr Alex

A stop in at Faith Ann's office

Lily was going for a triple decker cupcake

The frosting on my day, when Faith Ann arrived at the party she was coming straight from Moncton...where she picked up my first canvas work piece I had dropped off to be framed after the funeral.  What a great way to end the day.


Mii Stitch said...

Don't they just look so sweet??? That tutu is fabulous & if there was enough for Baby... Even better :D The framed finish project looks awesome x

Christina said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Your framed piece is great. Congrats on a lovely finish.

Annette said...

Ow how sweet!!
I love the Tutu.. so wonderfull.. need to think of that make on for my DD..
beautifull framed piece,..
Happy stitching

Julie said...

The kids look wonderful in their costumes. Junior looks like he had a fun time too.
Stunning stitch work , the frame sets it off perfectly, well done.

Pat Matejcek said...

I love the tutu and the doctor customes... The cross stitch pic is beautiful!

Carol said...

Aww...what great photos of the kids in costume. So glad Junior was able to visit :)

And your framed piece looks lovely!

Gabi said...

The kids look great in their costumes and Junior had a wonderful time, I'm sure.
The framed piece is really beautiful
Happy Halloween greetings from Germany

Catherine said...

All the kids look great! So glad you had a visit from Junior ~ I hope you can update us from time to time on how he is doing!

mumzy said...

I am so glad that Junior was able to visit the other day. His Daddy is doing a great job with him. We also made the trip to NB as we had to look after the property and winterize the house there.

I am going to try blogging again as it makes me feel a little closer to Cathey.

Love your framed piece.


marly said...

I love Lily's outfit! The doc is pretty handsome too!

Valma said...

Excellent :)
I wish I had such a costume a day !
lovely pictures you shared with us
that's great if Junior was able to visit & have a good moment <3
your framed project is very beautiful