Friday, November 29, 2013

Still Kicking

What a crazy couple of weeks, after Sunday I should be able to breathe again. After getting back from retreat it was a crazy short week with stuff jamming the evenings....not what a working mom needs after taking a rare weekend off.  Holiday Monday, Wednesday Angela and I took our daughters to Dora Live! and Thursday it was OT for Alex.

Lily and Elizabeth
Mom also was down for a shopping trip which was nice.  Her visit happened to coincide with Christmas at the Market, IMO THE craft show of the holiday season. It was her first trip and I think she was hooked.  It is crazy how many vendors I know through various crafting circles. Mom graced us with an additional nights stay so we could finally get out to see Ender's Game, loved it!

No rest for the wicked.  I had a conference to go to in Moncton Monday and Tuesday, being the low chick on the totem pole this also meant renting the vehicle for our group and that fun juggling. However the conference was a really good two days for steering our branch back to a more functional model so the time away was justified. We hit up The Keg Monday night, then I made a quick run to David's Tea and had a nice visit with my friend Lisa.  Tuesday the guys let me stop at Mode Choc and I picked this up for Lily (even sparkler in person )
Friday was November Nonsense at Alex's school. It was his las shot at going so we finally went.  He's managed to be grounded every other year. There was a little cheap parental therapy involved...
Oh yes, might I add that during the past two weeks Lily has NOT been sleeping through the night?  To top all of this off we have a jammed weekend with a Christmas bazaar, community breakfast, Santa Claus parade on the opposite side of the river ( never fun traffic wise) AND an inlaw visits it have new dog, pass the rum and egg nog!!

However, there has been some stitch therapy on the go, although is missed our 15th anniversary Friends That Count get together due to scheduling :/.  Also an exciting little project that ill blog about later ;)

Until next time,



Justine said...

Lovely photos Katie, thanks for sharing. Your little carrots are so cute! Look forward to seeing what your stitchy secret is....

Catherine said...

Such sweet little ones!! Ooohhh....a stitchy secret!?!

Julie said...

A very beautiful dress.