Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retreat Recap

Retreat was a mixed bag this time around, not as much as it's organization or composition.  My head just hasn't been 'there' recently

Friday Angela and I hit the road at 9 with one packed Corolla!  We made it to Because You Count  to stock up on supplies. Pam made it up from Nova Scotia and tailed us where I knew where I was going. Stop #2-the delightful Cafe Archibald. 

Angela's Skor bit Dessert

Pam's cinnamon roll crepe ( which I indulged in as well)

Then it was time to visit the wonderful framers at Elite to frame some pieces for Angela and me. Then a little clothing shopping before heading to Wildwood.

It was hard acknowledging Cathey's passing for those that hadn't heard. It was reliving it all over again. There was a half a dozen times I just wanted to email her a 'you would not believe...' Or some other annoyance that we would have had in common.  I kept to myself a lot more than usual. In recent years that's my only kid free crafting time so I'm not as social as I used to be. Time is precious!  However I did enjoy watching some of the games, especially the girls attempt to make snowmen..

As usual there was the annual retreat exchange, which I just didn't have enough time to participate in.  However it was fun to watch the hand out :)

Then of course there was a table for finished pieces.  I finally had a piece to share in the

And with that  retreat was over in a flash.  We packed up the Corolla and headed back for a pit stop in Moncton to check ou the new Mode Choc store. Our girls have some nice fashion goodies coming this Christmas!

Until next time!


Wendy S. said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Looks like a great time. =)

Catherine said...

So much to look at and admire! I am sure that it was difficult for you this year. Hugs to you....

Carol said...

Really enjoyed the photos and descriptions of your retreat, Katie. I'm sure Cathey is constantly on your mind--sending warm hugs your way...

Christina said...

Wow, what lovely stitching. Thanks for sharing pics. I know you miss her dearly. Hugs to you.

Annette said...

sounds like a wonderfull retreat
beautifull pieces..
and yummy food..
time will heal they say..
It will be hard, but cathey will be always watching over ou/ us all

Valma said...

wonderful =)
it seems it has been a great time
beautiful pieces shown
I'm really jealous of such a retreat :)

Julie said...

Lovely pics.

I'm way behind on blog reading and having a catch up session ... had this rotten cold bug that doing the rounds.