Sunday, October 27, 2013

One foot in front of the other

Those words get me through quite a bit these days. A wise person said this was how he was dealing and I'm taking his advice. This week involved lots of long walks along the beautiful Saint John river, plans for our Run for the Cure team fundraising and the eventual 'first' night back to our stitching group.  While it was great to be back, its a bit raw. However, putting one foot in front of the other we did our usual top picks from this years JCS ornament issue and made plans to head to retreat. We're actually all going, it should be an awesome time!

This week was also crazy.  DH and DS were down with he latest bug going around then Friday was flu shot day.  That's always 'fun'. Trying to pick DS up from a school with no parking and ridiculous sign out policies' high tailing it to DD's daycare then doctors office, drop DD off, feed DS because he missed the 20 minutes that they get to eat at the school and try to find parking and head back to work.  

However, when it's quiet I'm either on the elliptical or crafting. I took a brief brake to work on a stocking that needs to be done, name plates for retreat, played with some jewelry making techniques and it was round two for DD's witch tutu, this time no glitter tulle. :). The second was necessary for the kid's Halloween party tomorrow. I don't think that DH's employer wants a trail of glitter in the office. Thankfully costumes weren't required for today's activity: Haunted House. This year we divided and conquered where the kids are at different scare level ages. 

Now for some progress pics:

Bertie's Stocking - Shepherd's Bush

Retreat nameplates made with Cricut's Winter Frolic cartridge. 
Lily's witch tutu, although the colour is a bit washed out.

Tomorrow's agenda, Halloween Party and possibly a visit.  :o)


Mouse said...

ohhh love that tutu and those name plates are lovely ... well done on the stitching progress ... and time does heal ... just doesn't say how long and one foot in front of the other is about right ....
glad you are all going to the retreat too and the first of everything will be the worst xxx
(((hugs))) and happy stitching and crafting :) love mouse xxxxx

Annette said...

That´s the best way..
One Foor in front of the other.
what a beautifull, piece your stitchin, and other wonderfull pieces you made!!

Christina said...

Nice progress on your stocking. Name plates are soo cute. Love the tutu.

Lisa Sener said...

One foot in front of the other says it best! I can only imagine how difficult it is to do these things without Cathey....all your pieces are beautiful!


Catherine said...

With one foot in front of the other, and baby steps, that is a good way to proceed! Love your projects!!

Mii Stitch said...

One step at a time is definitely the best thing to do ;) That tutu is fabulous, someone is going to look ever so cute!!!

Julie said...

The stocking looks lovely. The nameplates are fun too.
Hope the party went well.