Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whistle While You Work

So I've rejoined the land of the working, sigh... I'd planned on coming back Monday but was completely wiped out, jaw was fine, other parts of me were not happy with the drugs dumped in my system though.

We had a wonderful weekend at mom and dad's. Friday we took it easy and simply went to market for lunch where Alex got his Kurt's sausage fix (and snuck a little of dad's schnitzel). Saturday dad picked up a case of lobsters. My son who's normally not afraid of anything was not touching them for more than 2 seconds with the tip of his finger. They were soooo yummy! Of course he had a bad sinus headache all day so that might have contributed it. At noon he was at his completely wound up stage and not accepting that if he just rested he'd feel better. Thankfully he did pass out from exhaustion eventually and was up an hour later a bright as a button all over again.

Sunday I packed the van in the morning, worked a little bit more on the Mirabilia 2006 Cherub and then we all headed to lunch at Pizza Delight. The local restaurant had been renovated and Alex LOVED the grill your own garlic bread gimmick, although by the end of the meal we were all ready to grill our waitress. The donairs were awesome as usual though ;)

The drive home was stressful yet again. We got stuck behind some morons that insisted on travelling slowly together but tailgating so you weren't quite sure if car 2 was going to pull out and pass, meanwhile I'm stuck behind them in a vehicle that should only be permitted to pass one vehicle at at time when not on a 4 lane with some jerk driving an 18 wheeler and right on my tail for 45 minutes. When did dumb and dumber leave the highway, right before the actual dedicated passing lane. I could have screamed! I was not feeling too hot already and the tense drive had me completely wiped.

Yesterday I recoup'd at home. I stitched a little bit more on my cherub and hung out with Alex, doing a little unpacking here and there but nothing that required alot of effort. At 6 Alex was ready for openning night of vacation bible school. He was a bit intrepid at first but when he saw the setup (kind of Indiana Jones themed) and the minister's daughter had asked him to sit with him (they're beaver buddies) he was off to the races. He was soo animated when I picked him up which was very nice to see, and bonus, it was at the church just around the corner from the house. He's there all week so Matt and I will actually have a whole 10 hours of the house to ourselves. Oh my!! ;)


Lori-Ann said...

oooo...time away from your kid. It will be my turn Sept 4th. I couldn't imagine home schooling.
I can't wait!

Pumpkin said...

Glad you're home safe and sound :o)

So time without Alex huh? What will you two do???? ;o)