Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two More Sleeps!

Yay, only 2 more sleeps until we hit the road for vacation! I can't wait!!! My head is already in permanent vacation mode. Yesterday did not help, we had a 'team building' golfing activity in the afternoon (goodness only knows where that's leading, I'm a bit skeptic on the motives). I had fun. As long as it's a scramble I'm up for golf, I don't want to know what my score would be normally. After golf I rushed over to pick up Alex as golfing got out an hour later than expected, I felt really bad about being late. Alex and I gassed up the van for Friday (sure today they imply gas prices are going down), picked up some buns and bbq'd :) After that it was off to the lake. I'd picked up some Diego goggles on clearance and Alex wanted to try them out. We ended up swimming until 8:30. Matt arrived home shortly after we did with his special edition 300 DVD. I was too chicken to see it in the theatres incase it was gory. So after I got the VCR set to tape the finale of Shaq's big challenge and my stitching in order we were watching away. :)

The movie actually turned out pretty good. I think I was annoying Matt having my Ott light on though. Normally it's not an issue but on dark movies the reflection is just out of place. Tonight I'm going to mow our front lawn if the weather permits, maybe even the back too if I can convince Matt to take Alex to the lake, otherwise the back will have to wait. I'm not giving up prime swimming weather for the boy for a lawn, but if someone else can take him I'll mow ;) Hopefully after a nice shower I'll be able to start packing for the weekend and get a little bit of stitching in ;)


Pumpkin said...

I was wondering about that movie. I annoy DH too with my Ott-Lite ;o)

Lori-Ann said...

Another Katie-pick. I may need to rent this for tonight. DD is going away and DS may like it (being a teen boy).

Have a great vacation, Katie!!

Faith Ann said...

Hope you have a fantastic vacation!!

tkdchick said...

Enjoy your vacation!