Monday, August 13, 2007

Back for Now :)

I'm back from vacation, sigh...

The week just never seems long enough, vacation is gone and it's almost the middle of the last month of summer, depressing++

We had a wonderful week away from the hustle and bustle of our life here in the city. We didn't HAVE to be anywhere or HAVE to do anything and that was pure bliss. We commenced the week by driving up in a blistering wind storm, apparently there were some F1 tornados along the way but we missed them. The drive was tiring, between one set of towns we had an antique car in front of us and a beat up truck travelling with it slowly, the passing lanes are short and the mini van is a pig, needless to say I was relieved when they pulled off. Then we had some little old ladies haul out in front of us and then drove 30 through town...well until I laid on the horn and motioned it was a 50 zone and there was a back log of about 20 cars. Finally we got rid of the slow people (and I'm not a fast driver) got ready to set the cruise control and the heaven's openned up, sigh.

The rest of the week was full of activities, but at a leisurely pace :) We got a tour of our friend's new house (I'm sooo snagging his girlfriend to arrange my furniture), the boys went golfing, mom and I went to check out the nursery close outs, I saw a grand total of 4 movies (Bourne Ultimatum, Underdog-which was actually a cute family film, The Simpsons and Daddy Day Camp), went to the local beach, played some frisbee, swam in the pool a couple of times, checked out the Napan Agricultural fair and of course, had our girls day in Moncton. I think I was pretty good, considering I don't really do alot of shopping anymore. I picked up some back to school supplies at Costco, found a pair of jeans I actually liked at Roots, was very good in Michael's considering I only picked up one little figurine for my christmas village, and did a little bending at the LNS. I've had the urge to do a big piece for quite awhile now and when I walked in there was Mirabilia's Lady of the Mist sitting there on a beautiful lavender. I was sold when Charlotte told me it was in a frame available from Michael's for 30 something as really, that's part of the reason Guardian Angel is still a WIP, the wiggle room for framing that would do the piece justice is fleeting. So I ended up walking out with it kitted, one of Shannon's Heart In Hand 'pooping birds', a new piece of fabric for Three Kings with 3 skeins of the same dyelot and the fabric for Giggles In The Snow (girl). That was my one little exception I'd made in the 50 project challenge woo hoo.

Stitching wise it was a very productive week. I attached the button to LK's Happy Hoppers so it's officially done now, LK's Beware of Cat is now also complete as is Heart In Hand's Family Medley and SB's Tina's Stocking. I stitched SB's Joyful Christmas as far as possible until my Sheep's Silk arrived (which was waiting for me when I walked back in the door) and got a very productive start on my FREX entry for the year Mirabilia's 2006 Cherub. As for reading I only openned my book the two times I went to the gym, however Janet Evanovich's Two for the Dough is now complete, bring on book three :)


Black Cat Ryan said...

NB definitely needs divided highways from Fredericton to Bathurst!

Sounds like you had lots of stitching time!

Pumpkin said...

I can't believe your week is over too! Glad you had a great time and I kinda wish I was up there too. LOL!

Btw, where are the pictures???? I want to see finishes!!!!

Shannon L. said...

woohee ! What a week ! :)

I'm glad you did a bit of souvenier shopping at the LNS.

Ditto on the pictures too !