Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from the Oral Surgeon

So, I'm back from the Oral Surgeon none too worse for the wear. I had my lower wisdom teeth out 5 years ago and finally decided to go back and get the upper ones out. They radiate with pain whenever I have a migraine and I'm sick and tired of second guessing if it's a sign they're rotten and they had descended so much that part of the root was exposed on one with was fun at times. Of course I read up on the possible complications and was pretty blah about the fact that they were much more difficult to extract after 25 when the bone thickens, I'm just shy of 30 and I was feeling old. Then there was the whole possibility of a perferated sinus, like I need any other problems with that.

So we arrived on time. I won't go see the idiot who holds a license in our city, I know over a dozen people that have been to him and he's rough and has the manner of a frozen tv dinner filled with grissle (I had the pleasure of listening to him after Matt's surgery a couple months ago and he can take that as sealing his fate). Plus he's known to push laughing gas instead of going under, and he only handles general anesthetic, my surgeon 2.75 hours away does conscious sedation a nice memory free happy ground. We arrived there on time and it took forever to do the paper work, sigh...I'm an anxious person when I'm NOT having surgery my BP was through the roof if I had to guess. Then it was back logged so I got in an hour and a half later, sigh... NOT fun considering I'd been fasting for over 12 hours because getting up at 5 wouldn't have been fun, 6:30 would have been doable had I'd have known. So I got plenty of stitching done in the waiting area but only brought in one colour as I wasn't expecting to be there THAT long. The nurse was nice, I explained my concerns as I did have two memories from the last surgery, flashes really but still I wanted to be good and out. So she topped off my IV with some Valium and I had no recollection of anything, although I must be hard to put out. It usually takes 30 seconds and I had counted past that++ waiting. I woke up very alert considering the times I had my flashes I was on less and was dopey well into the evening. The teeth were a very easy extraction and didn't even need stitches, woo hoo ( again memories of hauling out the stitch that wouldn't dessolve, yuck). We headed to Tim's and I had the challenge of trying to drink an iced cappuccino with no straw with a frozen upper lip fun!

So now it's past midnight, my only nap was one to take advantage of the day off of work ;) I do feel weaker than normal and am going to take it easy until at least Sunday, maybe Monday (the last time my teeth were fine by Monday but my tummy was not on the high doeses of ibuprofen and I do NOT respond to Tylenol). So far no swelling so that's great, not that I had much last time considering they were completely sideways. Apparently after 5 years they now hand out drugs for swelling, great! It's also helped my asthma cough I've been dealing with, bonus! *note to self bring up the fact my inhaler prescription is out next time I see the doctor*. So far so good, thanks for all of the well wishes guys :)


Shannon L. said...

I'm glad it went well :) And here's hoping for a speedy recovery ! *hugs*

Lori-Ann said...

Denist visits are never any fun... even if it's just a check up. Paying is no fun ;)

Speedy recovery, girl!

Pumpkin said...

Glad to see you back and posting. At least you're not dopped up enough that you can't type ;o)

I'm really in awe of you because they would have had to catch me all the way in Alberta in order to get me in there :oS

Christine said...

Glad you're doing well.

I actually laughed out loud when I read the part about trying to drink your Iced Cap.

I remember a similar incident when I was 12 and had a tooth pulled. My grandfather always took me to DQ after a dentist visit as a treat, well there I was with my lip hanging down past my chin trying to eat a blizzard... I had ice cream down to my knees... but I was happy. lol

Faith Ann said...

Your recent finishes are all so cute!! I love Tina's stocking!!!

Hope you're feeling back to normal very soon.