Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Sucks

Oh my, long time no blog! Combine a fun family weekend with the re-emergence of Norwalk and I guess that's what we get ;)

We had a really nice birthday celebration with Mom Saturday, chinese for lunch and mexican for supper, followed by an irish cream chocolate cake and boiled frosting! Wrap that up with The Illusionist and some Epicure Three Onion Dip mix and I think her birthday went well ;) Alex ended up sick by Sunday though, sigh.

I've been stitching away at Summer's Magic. I think I'd like to have that WIP wrapped up before going back on rotation, although I'll be parking an ornament here at my desk for lunch hours. I should be able to post a progress pic tonight.

Valentine's was not romantic. Matt and I both ended up with Alex's bug although I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I got to the office. When I decided to leave I went to take the elevator for once, pressed the button and boom...the power went off! I took the stairs down to the main level and the automated parking was out as well! Thankfully the security guard was able to get the gate open or they were going to have to assign a janitor to me! I spent the rest of the day in bed miserable, combine feeling rotten with no valentine card and you can imagine my state. What is so GD hard about picking up a card? It's not like they don't come out the day after Christmas. I don't need to to be extravagent, I just want a damn card. It may be cold outside but my shoulder's alot colder!

Yesterday was another storm day, I was still too sick and weak to do anything so I was in bed. Sigh if I hadn't have been so sick I might have been in the position to finish my dragon's this weekend. Oh well!


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Barbara said...

Hey, Katie!! Sending some hugs your way!!

Faith Ann said...

I hope you're feeling heaps better by now!! Can't wait to see your summer dragons :)