Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Farewell February

Well, soo much for a quiet February ;) At first glance the only thing we had on it was mom's birthday, which we were definitely looking forward to celebrating, then it all snow balled. Birthday party one weekend, sleigh ride another, and just when I thought I was going to get a breather we had company this past weekend. Talk about a wipe out! Thank goodness next week is March break!

I have been sneaking some stitching in here and there, finishing mom's teapot and getting very close to a finish on Dragon Dream's Summer's Magic Dragons for Alex's room. Not nearly as much as I'd like mind you but some none the less! After much talk with Matt I did scale back some of my social engagements for awhile. I mean this is month two and the most we've done with the craft room reno is get a quote on some electrical! For all intensive purposes it isn't even 'busy' season yet!

We have March break pretty open at the moment, depending on the status of the Miramichi reno we might get a day trip in, or maybe a daytrip to Moncton and the rest I'm trying to set up some playdates on. Alex and I have a lunch date one afternoon at Luna Pizza and maybe we'll make that a library day too. :) He does want to learn how to cross stitch so maybe we'll finally get a chance to do that as well :)


Shannon L. said...

March break already ? Thank heavens ! Sounds like you've had a busy month :)

Lori-Ann said...

Nice to know another sci-fi fan, Katie. I finally have a blog here, so you can visit. I sure wish we could get some things fixed in our home. sigh...all in due time I suppose. I've gotten a fair amount more done on my "angel of the Morning" than in tha past...I can't believe I've been working on her for more than 5 years! wow I just have too many hobbies, lol

Faith Ann said...

Hope you have an awesome March break... and a chance to relax and slow down a bit!!