Friday, February 09, 2007

Still Kickin!

Yes, it's true! I'm still kicking. I've been sidelined quite a bit this week though! Saturday was crazy. I was going to take Alex to Gym and Swim but saw he was a bit whiny due to the Beaver sleepover so I brought him home to rest, avoiding the potential nuclear situation of whiny kid with G&S bully. It had snowed the previous night and with the crazy winds the drive out to the birthday party was extremely stressful. We cut through a subdivision instead of taking a main road which saved 10-15 minutes but I was regretting it the whole way down to the old highway, however the old highway was in worse shape due to the blowing snow than the subdivision road! I didn't kick myself for long. Where the party was 2 hours and I was minutes away from Cathey's I finally went to see her gorgeous home :) Cathey got to see my stocking first hand and I started a new little project. Those 2 hours really flew by. The drive back to the house was no better (although it seemed faster where I was confident of where I was going!) and I ended up arriving with an extreme migraine.

Sunday we had a very quiet family day. I was kind of moping around the house as it was the sad realization that it has been a year since I last hugged my grandmother so I really wanted to be home with the boys and enjoy the family I have as you can never take that for granted. Also, until the gym settles down I've rearranged the schedule to avoid going there on the weekend until I can essentially arrive for class and leave again, being there super early to secure a slot and not actually working out while I'm waiting is not worth missing that family time! We had our little superbowl party that evening and I resisted all of the Superbowl sales!!

Tuesday was crappy, for me anyway. I've been at odds with how the project I'm on has been run for awhile. All of the little bottlenecks in the system result in big delays by the time they arrive at my desk. Now combine this with a meeting that cut our flex time back when my area of the project has no reason for it and suggest overtime when we spend half our week in meetings...I swear I think there are meetings to discuss if someone should be able to pee...and I wasn't a happy camper. Matt arrived home with a nice raise so I guess our day balanced out...however that didn't deter a second round of the migraine and I was out for the count Wednesday.

Thursday was exciting, stitching exciting and not the Office Space moment I had with the consultant on this project ;) I got word that a very exciting project that I'd discussed with Tracy of Fiddlestitch Cottage is going to be available to the public very shortly. It was kind of a brain child that involved a permutation of one of Tracy's existing patterns for a very awesome charity project, it would be like whomever suggested changing Giggles in the Snow to Giggles in the Leaves or Giggles in the Sand seeing the light of day AND benefiting a very dear charity close to one's heart. I'll leave it at that, but I'm really excited!!! This is as close as I'll ever get to designing, unless of course I'm ever called off the benches of model stitchers and it's just neat. I can't wait to share the details!!

Today is a day for rememberance, I can still picture the events of last year in slow motion as if they happened hours before. I remember being brought to tears in training over at Polar Bear in the middle of the morning out of the blue, the huge feeling that I should find some of my family at the hospital, running into Reverend Lovejoy (not really his name but ask my bridesmaids, he conjures up images of Rev Lovejoy off of the Simpsons) and knowing deep down that something was truly out of sorts coming off the elevator and walking into a room of someone that looked very sick, not deceased as I was soon to find out. It didn't matter how many times I'd told Matt that I really thought the doctor's were missing something all along, it was still a huge shock. It's been a year since the first time I've had to deliver that sort of news to someone as unsuspecting as myself. It was probably only on that day that I would end up coming home late after picking dad up from the airport and not cry myself silly in frustration that my entire house was covered in vomit! Who knew a little boy's stomach could hold that much?? I was almost greatful to have something to take my mind of the days events no matter how gross it was ;) We miss you Grammie...

Tomorrow though is a day of celebration! Mom turns 39 again ;) Alex is super psyched for their visit. He helped me bake a cake last night and tonight we get to frost it, we have reservations at our favorite Mexican restaurant and the rest will remain a mystery mom if you're reading :P

In closing I thought I'd quote this little ditty I found on MSNBC. I don't claim to condone anything that people do to wind up in the tabloids however this sadly speaks volumes about our society.

"The level of meanness in our current society isn’t exactly a news bulletin, but this is brutal. When someone like Anna Nicole Smith goes, with all her baggage and scandalous exploits, it says a lot more about the people who dump on her dead body than it does about the woman herself."
~Michael Ventre MSNBC


Pumpkin said...

Happy Birthday to your MOM!!!! :o) Hope she has a great weekend!

I know this is a sad time for you and your family and I hope it gets easier as the years go by but I know you will never forget the events and your dear Grandmother :o)

Congrats to Matt as well with his raise! Woohoo!

I'm so happy that you finally got out to my place :o) I wouldn't call it gorgeous but it's home!

Barbara said...

Happy birthday to your mom. I'm wishing you hugs and happy memories of your grandma. There's just no one like a grammie.

Take care!!!

Faith Ann said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating your mom's birthday!!