Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Oh my, I was all set to do some major stitching last night with Doctor Who and Heroes but the 'unexpected' element of sci fi didn't allow for much concentrating. Not to spoil the ending of the show but of my good lord! Ok, we all cried in Titanic (although there are probably some bb trolls out there who laughed) but it's the same old , someone dies stuff but I was teary for the last half hour of the show, even the 'valentine forgetter' cracked just a little. However in between DW and Heroes I did work a little more on the last dragon's tail and fixed some previous boo boos :)

Speaking of Valentine's, what I forgot to mention in all of my wallowing was that Alex loved his little gift. The night before I set out his card, a bag of cinnamon hearts, a new Magic Treehouse book and a Teen Titan's Comic book (special valentine's edition). He was sooo excited about his first comic book! It permanantly sits at the table and he thumbs through it at ever meal (or at least until I put it in his room again tonight). Woot! So that'll make one different thing I can add to his stocking at Christmas. We went grocery shopping about two days after and he saw the stand that's at the coop (he'd never noticed it before) and boy was he trying hard to convince me to buy him another. I haven't been complimented, loved, offered so much help around the house in a long time ;)

Today's kind of a blah day, so I imagine I'll be doing some stitching. Out of all the days of the year Shrove Tuesday is the one that was Alex's and my special date night with my grandmother (Alex even got to go once with my grandfather). Alex isn't big on pancakes and Matt doesn't get home in time for any of the church suppers so I have no date :( I guess I will get to Bodypump after all and make some at home.


Black Cat Ryan said...

I was actually thinking of you this morning as we drove by a sign for a pancake supper at a church. I knew it was an important day for you and your grandmother.

Hope you have a good day.

Faith Ann said...

Awwww, glad Alex was over the moon with his Valentine gift!

This is the first year that I can remember "skipping" the traditional pancake supper.

Barbara said...

I've missed so many Dr Who episodes ... I should get them on DVD.

I'm sorry you're missing your grandmother and don't have anyone to continue the family tradition of going out for pancakes.

Pumpkin said...

A man cry? ;o) Must have been a good show.

I'm glad Alex liked his VD gifts :o)