Thursday, August 26, 2004

Suprise Visitors...

Life is never boring around the house. I went home at lunch to mow our front lawn so after work DS and I could veg, read and stitch. We walked in the door and the message machine was blinking, what now??? There was a brief message from my MIL saying she was driving through town on her way back from helping DH's Aunt's family get setup temporarily in their apartment until their house is rebuilt (burnt down earlier in the month) and wanted to know if we wanted to meet her for supper. Thankfully I follow so straightening up the house in case she decided to show off our new home to DH's other aunt who was travelling with the MIL (he has a huge family) didn't take too long and we had a nice dinner at Boston Pizza.

The restaurant just happens to be a stones throw away from the Southside Zellers where I had a parcel to return, so I got the bright idea that I'd go return it while DH picked up supplies for a fundraiser car wash he's doing on Friday. Forty five minutes later the paper work was finally finished and it should be processed today (computers went down). By the time we got home and got DS to bed it was 9:00! Which is late for our schedule.

I did get a good hour of stitching in on Cardinal Santa though, hopefully will get much more done tonight during Big Brother. Then I can start on the Dragon Dreams Elemental Dragons, the fabric came in just the other day and I can't wait!!

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