Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Framing Anxiety

Last night I temporarily did some of my lacing work up my exhibition entries up in DH's computer room instead of down in the cross stitch room. My was he suprised. The poor guy had no idea that he'd become a sounding board for my frustrations with framers in the area. I haven't tried the guy that is out by our new house yet but the one I've been going to gives me anxiety attacks, but his frame prices are really good. To start there are no framers that specialize in framing needle arts per say. I'd have to go to Moncton for that, and especially if I wanted a custom mat cut. I have learned that if I actually have an idea what I want that I should really lace my piece first before even entering the store, to avoid the here's this mat, that mat, what part of I really don't want a mat is that hard. Also this would avoid the, I have no idea why you lace when you can (have me) pin, speal. My type A personality seems to always get suckered in to the arguing my side. A frustrated me the last time I was there think I might FINALLY have won a point as I asked what type of pins were used and of course they were of the rusting variety. I do understand that this is his profession...well sort of he orders in the frames and simply assembles your work, but it ticks me off when I feel people are misled about how to treat there needle work. And once you learn the proper techiniquest of lacing is really doesn't take hours to do, I laced a Mirabilia last night in under a half hour thanks to all of the tricks I learned at retreat (actually I'm finishing up lacing a piece from Fiddlestitch Cottage as I type). Maybe next time I'll try the guy closer to home, cheaper frames aren't worth this headache :)

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