Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Super Swimmer

Last evening was DS's first preschool swim class. I was very nervous, he loves swimming so much that I always had to drag him out of Aquatots, I was so worried he wouldn't listen to his instructor. Well my mind had made it out to be worse than it was, actually I was one proud mom up in the stands. Not only did he actually listen to the instructor, he actually swam a bit on his own! Wow!

On Sunday his 'big boy' bed also arrived and to date the transition has been smooth. We never pushed the bed issue, he was safe in his crib (didn't climb out) and wasn't sneaking out of the house in the middle of winter (a big fear of mine) and we didn't have another child on the way so we waited until we bought the house and now that we're settled the time was right.

Some people might ask "well why not put a chain at the top of your door if you're scared he's going to go out in the winter?" Well my reasoning is simple, especially in light of a tragedy that robbed DH's family of their home a couple weeks ago...FIRE. I want DS to be able to get out if he has to on his own. I think instead I'll put bells on the doors or something that makes a noise that this light sleeper will hear him if he gets up during the night. DS is very scared of the dark and now 4 so I doubt he'd be as likely to wander out in the night like some of the stories on the news but still...

Last night I got a bit of stitching in on my Mill Hill ornament and attempted making Divinity Fudge, it's a bit sticky (not much though) and tastes pretty good :) I can't believe it's almost September. I had great ambitions to enter a tonne of contests in the FREX, not the case this year ;)

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