Friday, March 28, 2014

The Rainbow Bridge

Between our schedules and the boy's allergies we could never have a dog full time.  In early 2006, my parent's adopted a former 'stud' Nova Scotia Duck Toller named Jazz.  He was quirky like the rest of us and that made him family. A little over a week later my grandmother passed away suddenly and while mom was still at the hospital, this poor dog that had been between my parent's and my grandmother's house , possibly not fully house broken was just sitting there so I went over to walk him.   I hadn't walked a dog since the days of not pooper scooping. I grabbed 4 bags...he pooped 5 times. The fifth time in front of someone...on a train track, no way of hiding our lack of bags.  We were embarrassingly bonded for life. He's been my dad's companion and 60lb lap dog, my mom's personal food vacuum, my brother's vet practice, my thanksgiving turkey guardian and my child's friend. Last night he collapsed and passed away enroute to the emergency vet.

Farewell my little brother dressed in fur


Cole said...

What a beautiful boy. Hugs to you & your family. xo

stitchersanon said...

What a beautiful dog: I have never heard of his breed but just seeing his beautiful eyes means it is one I will be looking out for now. I am so sorry for your loss. My furbabies are like family, even closer than my children in some ways because I know they will never leave home. I am sending hugs to you and your family. He obviously had an amazing life xxx

Katie said...

Jazz was the third our family has had of that breed. They have all been such easy going dogs. Jazz had just gotten back from a trip to Florida and had explored South Beach on their return to the great white north :)

Christina said...

Sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and your family.

Valma said...

Hooo Jazz was so beautiful
sorry for you loss Katie
I think he had the perfect life a dog can dream of <3
Hugs to you

Julie said...

What a beautiful furry friend. ((hugs)) to you and your family.