Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do You Want To Stitch A Snowman?

Frozen is now officially Lily's favorite movie, which means we sometimes get a break from the Annie soundtrack ;o). It is also Lily's birthday a week from today.  However when I look out the window and see the latest storm outside, I can confirm that the crocuses will NOT be in bloom like they were in 2010!  There is so much snow we still don't have our Christmas lights down!  We even had a couple of hours off of work on Wednesday which NEVER happens (seriously downtown flooded one year so it was a moat around the office and we still went in). So to go with the snow theme...I figured I'd through a snowman into the stitching mix!

Seriously this was the forecast for Wednesday and we are expecting another 30-40 cm today!

Which makes me feel about like this...

Until next time,

Katie :o)


Christina said...

Cute snowman. Hope spring shows up soon. We too are having a late winter. Finally been getting some much needed rain.

stitchersanon said...

We are getting hints of spring thankfully. I hope your snow goes soon..but lovely snowman

Annette said...

let it go.. let it go..
I love the little part when Anna says Elsa.. just before the song do you wanne build a snowman!!
omg so much snow!!
hang in there.. I will send some real spring weather!!

Valma said...

such a terrible weather by your side ! :-/
I love snow but I would be really fed up !
I hope Spring will soon be by your side...
cute snowman you started to stitch :)
take care