Monday, March 24, 2014

Labor of Love...or Confirmation of Insanity

When we moved into our house 10 years ago there was a huge bedroom in our basement that was designated as the guest room.  I have always hated that room.  The former owners had a love of semi gloss paints and decided to paint the room with concrete grey.  I set up shop in the room beside it, smaller but it had a nice little closet, I even painted it and had a nice second guest room.  Fast forward to 2010.  Lily arrived, her bedroom had been used as our office and needed a new I ended up forfieting my beloved craft room to live in limbo between the office and guest room.

Finally last year we walked into Canadian Tire and there was a 3 door armoire on sale, dirt cheap.  Waiting for an actual closet would take forever and I was tired of being 'homeless' so it hopped in the van with us and made it's way to the cave.  Now like all projects in that room it got derailed.  Yes it was standing, yes it held crafting goodness but it was a mess.  It was hard to arrange the contents of the other closet and as usual, we had company incoming.  

Fast forward yet again to the end of February, my parents were invited to their friend's cottage in Florida, our primary visitors were going to be out of the country for an entire month.  So I headed to Home Depot and came home with some "Heather Plume" paint and determination....because I HATE painting.  The task was even more frustrating because the walls, or at least the lower sections will be replaced and the ledge wasn't installed correctly but I could bare the grey no longer.  Because of the size of the room and the contents of the armoire that needed to be emptied this was a multiphase project (hence the lack of posting).  This weekend marked the final push and everything is back in place (although I need to hang some stitching).  I was always inspired by my friend's craft room which I always lovingly teased her was more of a shop ;)  This weekend, I took one step closer to having one as well...

Katie's Crafting Shop and Guest Services..."Hanwell Hilton"

Oh yes...the hubby has a man cold, hence the slushies i the middle of winter

Now to convince DH to actually replacing the Demi Walls (they are not thick enough to put outlets in), and to lay some laminate....and install the new light fixture.  I've ordered a landscaped canvas shot of our wedding for the head board wall and DH should be installing some candle holders in the near future ;)

Now to go nag him to do so ;)

Untill Next Time,

Katie :o)

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Mouse said...

ooo well done you ... can you come and help me now ?? hope Dh feels better soon a man cold is no fun for you is it ... love your wee craft area too ... take care love mouse xxxxx