Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Weekend of Happy Dancing

Well, I did spend a good chunk of Saturday shopping ;) However we were without power for a good 7+ hours today thanks to catching the tail end of Hurricane Noel so there was plenty of stitching on top of checking out the 'Bee Movie' to go somewhere with food and heat.

So here's what's been accomplished bringing this year's total to 29:

The Decorator ~ Full Circle Designs JCS Ornament Issue 07

Three Kings ~ Imaginating


Barbara said...

Whoohoo, Katie!!!

Here in gray & gloomy Holland, it's hard to imagine getting much stitching done w/o power ... we've reached the time of year when a light is needed nearly all day if one intends to use one's eyeballs for much detail-work.

Was there a lot of damage from the tail end of the hurricane?

Black Cat Ryan said...

Congratts on your Happy Dance! I'm doing one too!

Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The Decorator is SO cute! And I'm SO happy that Three Kings is finally completed without another problem ;O)

Shannon L. said...

Wow, they both look great ! :) Congratulations !!

Faith Ann said...

Beautiful finishes!! Love 'em both!!

Christine said...

(does a little HD around for you)

The Decorator is so cute but Three kings is stunning! Great job!!