Friday, November 16, 2007

Girlie Time

This week has been awesome for getting in some time with friends. Sometimes its just what a girl needs. It's been nice to have someone to walk with at lunch since Eleni moved down the hill. Thursday we checked out the local Christmas craft fair and here's what I got (the first two are for my favorite little boy scout Alex :))

Tomorrow Faith Ann and I and maybe my ta ta tassle twin are heading over to Green Village for a bow making seminar, maybe a centerpiece one, some ice cream and some tax free shopping in their gorgeous ornament section ;). The seminar could suck but it's free and getting together with friends is just good for the soul :)

My pictures of the craft room didn't turn out (some weird ghosting issue) and I need to do a couple touch ups but the initial reno pics are coming soon ;) And just in case you might think I haven't had time to stitch this week here's my latest finish :P

It'll probably be my last finish for another week or two. I'm attempting to be a good girl and finish sewing the stockings, and y'all know how much I love to sew :P


Faith Ann said...

Ohhhh... those ornaments are too cute!!

Apparently I'm not boring 'cause my house is *far* from immaculate... nice finish!!

I can't wait for tomorrow :)

Barbara said...

Love your craft-fair finds, and you recent stitching finish definately sums me up! LOL!

Have fun with Faith Ann. I sure could use some lessons in how to make a decent bow!

Lori-Ann said...

You ladies deserve some fun-time.

I'm in no danger of being considered boring, either ;) Love the stitches.