Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movin' Right Along

Well this weekend's trip to attend a bowmaking and a centerpiece seminar was pretty fun. Mind you I could invest a whole lot of money in centerpiece making supplies...I could definitely use more tables to display them on first ;) Faith Ann and I also browsed over the hundreds of lovely ornaments and decorations. I settled on a set of three baking themed gingerbread bells, a gingerbread cook for my kitchen, a beautiful glass bon bon and two sparkly ornaments. Another highlight of the weekend? The discovery that the uptown dollar store now takes debit ;)

Sunday was relatively quiet. I started on batch two of the Christmas cookies, brought the non tree decorations upstairs and decorated as well as adding the remaining lights to the trees outside. Even the village made an appearance. I can't wait to light everything up Dec 1st :) Mind you I STILL cannot find the lights I bought 2 years ago to go around our front door. My husband thought we needed some colour so I got a garland set to intertwine with some greenery at an after christmas sale. I haven't seen them in two years of searching! Oye.

Apparently I was a bit pooped from the whole weekend and after about a half hour of listening to nostalgic Christmas tunes and sleepily looking at the decorations Monday night I retired at 8pm.

Tuesday, Faith Ann and I braved the crowds at the annual Coop sale, mind you everywhere you turned there was someone you knew. We even came across Eleni and her DH while we cut through the parking lot. Flats of coke for 3.99, Butter 1.20 off, family blocks of cheese 3.**, how could I pass up that? I normally do my groceries either in advance of that week or elsewhere but I usually pick the best sale items and stock up++. Mind you it wasn't truly that bad, sure it was hard to navigate a cart at times but the main line was moving quite quickly I thought. We were express though. I try to get there before they let the reciprocal shoppers in myself ;)
Again no stitching that night either. I've been attempting to be disciplined and actually sew up my stockings before starting something new. I'm really hoping that I can get it done this weekend when I have a 5 day holiday (Alex is off of school). Speaking of stitching, this was the first official year I put stitching stuff on my christmas list, yippee ;)


Faith Ann said...

I still haven't tried to make a bow at home yet... I have to do one before I forget how lol.

Hope you have an awesome 5 days at home!!

Barbara said...

You guys should do a tutorial of the bow making! I need to learn!!

Lori-Ann said...

I remember those sales... and my mother is probably missing them out in Fort McMoney.

I have a bunch of stitched pieces that are not framed etc... they pile up don't they?

Pumpkin said...

I'm glad you and Faith Ann has a great time :o) If I had gone, I would have been TOO tempted to buy some lovely Christmas decorations.

I can't wait to see those stockings!!!!