Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo Status

Things have been a little hectic with Halloween quickly approaching. Here's some pictures to tide you over until I can write something decent ;)

Progress on Three Kings
Wedding Row back from the framers
and a finish... Robert's Stocking


Barbara said...

Yay - love the photos! Wedding row is so beautiful!!

Pumpkin said...

AWESOME!!!! You're almost done Three Kings! Woohoo! Let's not try for a third ;o)

That frame really compliments your piece. That's one of my faves :o)

Ohhhhh, another SB stocking! I'm so jealous!

Lori-Ann said...

I love it all of course, lol

I won't even try to keep up with you, Miss Speedy. Thanks for the great pics.

Faith Ann said...

Gorgeous!! Love them all!!

The butt-lifted reindeer look great :)

Black Cat Ryan said...

Very nice!

monique said...

Love your Three Kings! Are you having trouble seeing the holes well with that sparkly fabric? I tried using that for a large piece not too long ago and had to give up... I'll save it for ornament bits LOL

Christine said...

Wonderful!! I LOVE wedding row. Great job!!