Thursday, October 18, 2007

Katie - Google Grease Monkey

Hooray! I have gotten rid of my brake light coming on and didn't blow up my van ;) When I moved back to the city I spent 3 years up here with Matt only getting up on weekends (I wasn't' cut out for small town life), and with an older model car it meant learning a bit more about cars in general than your average Joe. Dad found me a very good mechanic in town but I still wanted to be a bit more 'up' on any issues I was experiencing, just in case. Well, at least now I can diagnose most of my problems, although I still look for confirmation from dad or Matt once in awhile and when there is a problem I can get it in faster when I tell them what needs to be done, instead of 'my car is dead help'. Sure I don't have the tools, nor want them, to be completely self sufficient but I can check every fluid in the vehicle and top it off enough to avoid towing it :) Needless to say I'm pretty proud of my ability to patch up my vehicle.

Last night was stitchy night and boy did it feel good. I got to see Faith Ann's Christmas Village and her gorgeous Dragon Dreams Christmas bears. I stitched away at my Three Kings and it felt so good putting some of the upcoming medical tests on the back burner. It was fun just to get some me time and not come home to be immersed right back into Brie Van De Kamp territory. As usual the room was filled with pre-retreat excitement and for once I was indifferent. I love retreat mind you but it just doesn't look in the cards and that's ok by me. I don't have my exchange ornament done, and I've got a craft room calling for a paint job :) Who knows what way the wind will blow in a couple of weeks but as for that weekend, I'm open to whatever direction it takes me :)


Lori-Ann said...

Glad you are still open to it, but I do hope to see your smiling face when the count down has eneded. :)

Pumpkin said...

Can I hire you as my mechanic? ;o)

I'm sorry I missed Wednesday night :o( I feel really bad if I ruin fall retreat for you! I won't panic until I hear from Elizabeth. LOL!