Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here There and Everywhere...Again

Long time no blog. Things are starting to settle down so I guess I'll have a little more time to blog and catch up. :)

300$ after the van fiasco (hooray for towing and also blowing the tensor) we had just enough time to get back on the road and head to the beaver nature walk in Mactaquac. 3 hours with 20 5-7 year olds really was alot. Afterwards we had a really nice visit with Cathey and her DH. Alex was in 7th heaven playing with the dogs. After that it was prep prep prep for Thanksgiving. We were expecting 6 people on top of our three and that week the cushion floors decided to suck in as much dirt as possible which due to their age can't just be mopped, it requires scrubbing.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with mom, dad and Steven up. As if the weekend wasn't busy enough, Alex managed to get a birthday invitation thrown in there too. Mind you that trip to Toys R Us worked out very well. Some of the stocking stuffer toys (Littlest Pet Shop) where on a big sale. All that the boy needs for his sock is a package of underwear (Santa's practical in our house) and a couple sweets. Woo hoo! On Sunday we were briefly joined by Matt's parents and his grandmother and after supper all we did was veg (oh and stitch).

As for the blogless week my stitching report goes as follows, Bent Creek's Wedding Row finally framed, Imaginating's Three Kings restarted after this summer's dyelot fiasco and Robert's Stocking is just waiting for some additional 823 to arrive, sure I could pick it up locally but I honestly don't know when I'll be working on another project that requires perle 5 so I don't need two skeins hanging around. I do plan on stitching up more of the stockings in the new year but that's a while off just yet. For that stocking all I have left is 1.5 reindeer (plus a little butt lift on two of them) and the blackwork band. Needless to say a work night or two and it'll be finished.

This week is also a bit crazy, but not as bad as last week. At least we have a clean house and a fridge full of leftovers! Tomorrow we have tickets to see Robert Munsch so I think I'll take Alex out to our favorite fish and chip spot as a kind of date night, Friday = swimming, Saturday the boys will be at the local Kent's store selling apples for Beaver day + a bottle drive in our community all for beaver's (so if you have any home building needs Alex will gladly sell you an apple to tide you through going through the store). Sunday, yet another birthday party. My goodness...I'm hoping next week is a bit more sane ;)


Lori-Ann said...

missed your posts :)

I can relate to the old cushion flooring thing. We never got new when we moved in 9 years ago. Mine is supposed to be white ;) There are more gouges from dropped cans, than I can count. :(

30 more days until retreat!!! :)

Pumpkin said...

I'm glad the weekend went well because I know it was weighing on your mind.

We were more than happy to have you visit. I feel bad that we didn't have any couch cushions to sit on :o) LOL!

Btw, I want a picture of your finish!!!!

Barbara said...

Phew, I hope you've got some quiet time to recuperate coming up!!! Sounds crazy-busy, but also like good family fun (other than the van part...).

Carolyn said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend-hopefully you will be able to get some down time soon......

I can totally understand the car frustration..been there and done that.....sometimes you just want to shoot them:)