Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Wow, I actually finished something. It feels so few and far between lately. The end of May always seems to zoom right on by, mother's day/anniversary/anniversary of moving into the big white box/dad's birthday Alex's birthday. Needless to say, very busy. However, I didn't have much left to finish on my Bent Creek Wedding Row so I managed to squeeze it in this weekend while winding down from the party. I planned on posting the pic last night but a migraine had other plans *le sigh*.

The birthday party went very well. I found out that metallic candles do not blow out and that pinatas do take much longer to break open than one would believe. It was nice to finally have children over to the house, with a huge playroom and a huge backyard it sometimes just feels empty with only one little guy running around it. I can't say I didn't like hearing compliments on our yard either, it's the one thing that placates any issues we come across with the house. We had a wonderful dinner with our groomsmen and his family at Boston Pizza. Alex asked us about 5 times if we had reminded our server that it was his birthday, he wasn't disappointed when they came to sing to him. One of Mike's little guys is the same age and immediately asked if he could come for his birthday ;) At the end of the day the best part was Alex cuddling up and saying "Thanks for the best pirate party ever mom".

Due to the whirlwind of activities on Saturday we skipped our annual trek to the theatre and moved it to Sunday. It was soo hard walking past Johnny Depp and going to Shrek. It was funny but missed that 'spark' from the other two. The weather was absolutely gorgeous when we got home so Alex and I headed out for some reading, stitching and sleeping outside. How could one resist??


Lori-Ann said...

Some of my best memories are sleeping in a hamock under a tree when I was a kid. I really need to get a hamock for my back yard.
Glad Alex had a great Birthday.

Faith Ann said...

You definitely should get compliments on your yard... it's fantastic!

Glad the party and weekend went so well. It makes all that work worth the effort.

Pumpkin said...

WOOHOO! Another finished project!

I'm so glad that Alex's birthday party went over without a hitch. I imagine you had one happy boy :o)