Friday, March 11, 2005

Supplies on the way

Yippee! Just checked Visa and my perle cotton is on it's way so I can finally finish my Shepherd's Bush Witches Moon, why on earth the LNS carries all but 7 colours that I need for random Shepherd's Bush Projects I'll NEVER know. Also heard back from Traditional Stitches and the limited edition Dragon Dreams pattern I wanted is on it's way, along with you guessed it, more perle cotton (this time weeks dye works).

This weekend I'm dedicating some of it to strict mommy time down in the craft room, between my car's starter quitting Monday and the tonne of appointments that took up alot of last week and this week I just need some quality quiet time. I'll be attempting to finish backstitching Dragon Dreams Just a Little Peace and Quiet Please to finish it and maybe start on Recipe for Love or Chocolate Breakfast by Fiddlestitch Cottage. If I'm really lucky I'll be able to convince DH to shim the door I purchased last week for the craft closet...sweet heaven!

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