Monday, March 14, 2005

Gingham, now that was a great idea

Taking a little Mirabilia and Dragon Dreams break I thought I'd start Gingham Christmas Saturday night as it I'd like it to be my FREX entry this year. I didn't realize that stitching on Gingham was so complicated, I'm FINALLY getting the hang of stitching on the non solid areas, what a change! At first I thought I surely was going to go blind!

Before a much needed nap yesterday I got out my fabric for Dragon Dreams Morning Wizard and had a good look at the pattern. I lent my in progress Night Wizard to a dear friend so she could see if Sugar Maple's Hummingbird coordinated with her bathroom, also giving me an excuse to work on Just A Little Peace And Quiet, but he should be returning on Wednesday. There isn't much left to stitch on him so I'll be looking to get him out of the way over next weekend :)

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