Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just A Little Peace And Quiet Happy Dance

Yippee, Just A Little Peace And Quiet is finished, I even got adventurous and laced it last night. We had a fairly quite Saturday, I wasn't feeling so great so staying in was just what the doctor ordered. I did take down the curtains that came with the house in the bathroom and put up a smaller airier valance. I think the matching shower curtain and curtain set were from before they painted and just seemed too 'heavy' for it's now neutral colours. It's much brighter in there now with the valance, although it does highlight that the window could really be replaced, oh well.

The boys shoveled out part of the driveway over the afternoon, although DS did come in briefly as he'd managed to step on one of the shovels and smacked himself in the cheek. They later took me out to Williams for supper, sometimes one just needs some seafood. The remainder of the evening was relatively quite, DS wanted to go to bed as soon as we got in the door and I got our my Just Nan Gingham Christmas to stitch up. I want it to be my FREX entry this year due to it's number of specialty stitches. I originally was hoping to put in Mirabilias Guardian Angel, however there are ALOT of large entries going in already so I thought I'd enter in the medium/small category. I've already ribboned in the large category, now to try the small ;)

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