Sunday, May 23, 2004

Boxes, Boxes and MORE Boxes!!!

With only 5 days until the big move we've hit crunch time. I promised myself I'd pack everything cross stitch wise but my Lizzie Kate Harvest Blessings as soon as I finished my Dragon Dreams Ballerina Bunnies, which I kept, only to fine I misplaced the pattern. Luckily I left out my Fiddlestitch Cottage Ode To A Fiddle Head so I had to make a quick rush out to the store to pick up a couple DMC colors as the rest were packed, setting me back a whole 2 dollars ;)

The boxes are really starting to pile up, it's amazing how many boxes of books we've managed to accumulate. Took a spin by the house after getting yet another load of boxes and it looks like all the work we wanted is done and the house is empty just waiting for us. I'm so excited to be getting a cross stitch room although it'll need some paint. Go Habs Go painted on the walls will not be getting my cross stitch relaxation flowing ;)

Only a couple of days left!!!

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