Thursday, April 15, 2004

Let The Packing Begins...

Sure enough, you're all set for retreat and have just enough time to finish up your projects and after months and months of house hunting and disappointment a home with everything on all of your family's wish lists comes on the market. What a whirlwind! Good houses at a reasonable price here in Fredericton move very quickly so we had to make our move quickly. Needless to say my normal stitching time has taken a large hit. Thankfully the inspection and all the other running around was completed last night so I'll be able to pack for the retreat in Bouctouche this weekend.

I started packing up my kits that I won't be starting before the move and came across the book mark I'd picked up to stitch for this weekends retreat exchange. I guess I'll have to pass on that part this retreat. On the bright side my stash will no longer be under foot and in about 8 little nooks of space left in our apartment and can finally have a little room of it's own and hidden from Alex's curious little fingers. It's Survivor night so hopefully my DD-Ballerina Bunnies will get some legs tonight!

Countdown to Bouctouche:36 hours.

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