Thursday, January 30, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Back this fall I could not find a specific picture that I wanted to use in the Letters for Junior book.  I searched high and low...and my house is fairly organized. Tonight I came across a picture someone had given my husband of himself back in university all those years ago, tight jeans and puffy neon coats and all.  That got me thinking that one of his coworkers actually was in the same residence as some friends of mine so I new there were some dorky pictures to pass along here. 

I entered the craft room to go find these pictures and in the process I got a little sentimental and as usual I talk a little to a framed picture of Cathey that's down there.  I told her that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her...and I opened a stray pack of photos and the missing picture was sitting there right on top.  

Pink party circa 2008:

I'd planned on posting my village to date tonight but I caught a case of the frogs, arghh!  I needed to redo the border on square 5 and it really cooled my stitching mojo :/. I'm coordinating a new project at work which cuts into my Stitchy time and having a set back in that time was simply frustrating!

Next time, I promise!



Christina said...

Great pic. Our dear Pumpkin is greatly missed. Sorry the frog stopped by for a visit.

Valma said...

sorry you met Mister Frog :-/
I hate him, I'm sure now that it's because of that, that we eat frogs here in France =)
a kind of revenge....=)
beautiful picture indeed ! so beautiful is missing so much
have a great weekend

Annette said...

I hate mister Frog, misses Frog, little Frog.. all frogs..
Good luck with your piece

What a awesome picture!1
Really beautifull
We miss her still too

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful photo, Katie--I miss her so very much, too...

Vickie said...

Great, happy picture! How very special indeed.

Julie said...

She's obviously listening to you and led you to the beautiful picture.