Thursday, January 02, 2014

Craft Room Time

I've had the past two weeks off of woke but it's only been since Wednesday after no that I've gotten some me time in the craft room.  Argh.  We rang in the new year with my inlaws so those days were shot. My new Cricut Expression arrived NYE so I was down there as soon as they left.  I have a new set up that works a little bit better when using that machine.  Although I dream of the day the garage is finished and I claim our current man storage area as my own. An L Shaped desk is a must.  

Now I would rather be stitching but my current perch has been occupies by my teen as he plays xbox with his father on 'his' holiday, it's so nice that they consider that I might need some me time, so Cricut and a little Downton Abbey it is!  Today I finished up this little project for Lily's door.  I made Alex something similar albeit with transfer stickers when scrap booking was more 'in'

Tomorrow marks my last day of vacation, I need to do a little studying for my Prince2 certification I have coming up but after that I plan on spending some time creating a stitching goals list, something I probably haven't done pre Lily!!  One thing I would like to do but am having trouble locating is Brooke's Book's Stitchy Witch freebie pattern. I came across it while going over old blog posts of Cathey's, it was apparently out during my stitching slowdown.  Does anyone know where I could find it??

Until next time,



Rowyn said...

Hi Katie

I have emailed you about Stitchie Witchie, which came from the Brooke's Books yahoo group.

I stitched it back in 2009 after seeing Cathey's version of it. It is super cute.

Valma said...

didn't know about that chart you were speaking about...but can't wait to see it here =)
Happy New Year Katie
all the best to you and yours

barbara said...

I'm glad a fellow stitcher could hook you up with the old freebie! Yay! :) Can't wait to see it. I hope your last day of vacation has been great. :)

Julie said...

Cute door hanger.

Annette said...

Happy New Year!!
beautifull Doorhanger.. awesome!!