Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's Shaking?

Well apparently my office building was. Last Tuesday, a bunch of us stumbled out of our cubes thinking we had vertigo...and the blinds were shaking, and well that's a big coincidence! I don't ever remember experiencing an earthquake before, nor the aftershocks. Apparently we were feeling the earthquake that hit Washington up here. My office is fairly close to the river and apparently sits on alot of clay, while the towers downtown were swaying there weren't any other reports of quaking in the rest of the province.

Also apparently my backside is shaking too...Well, I knew that was happening but I just thought I'd throw it in there. However since June it's been shaking it's way to being shake proof ;) I wasn't down to my goal weight when we got pregnant with Lillian, the closer you get to 35, the less you want to put things off waiting for everything to be perfect. Factor in a csection that had me laid up for about 8 months due to some issues, a glorious round of SSRI's to combat the depression that set in when I can't be active and stupid breast feeding medication, well I back filled every inch of my abs that pregnancy stretched out and then some. I shudder when I hear people talking about elective csections, or that are so obsessed with breast feeding that they demand Domperidone before leave the hospital and they give their bodies a chance to do what it's supposed to do on it's own. Bf'ing doesn't happen for everyone, people need to lay off the breast is best...it's best if it's in the best interest physically AND mentally in the case of both mother and child . These things have long term ramifications :/ I'll step off my soap box now. Regardless, I've hit a minor milestone of 15 lbs down. The road to slim, or in my case 'sporty' is a long one but the journey has begun :)

But Katie, what about stitching? Well the annual exhibition is about to come to town. It's kind of depressing that I don't have a large piece to put in. I'll be entering Lily's stocking but that's about it. However that's extremely motivating to getting my stitching groove back, now that a fitness schedule has been achieved. Now if a newly toddling daughter allows for my stitching plans remains to be seen ;) LK's Christmas Rules is looking mighty tempting at the moment, with it's little pieces to concentrate on and finish. I need my mojo back, the ornament issue is just around the corner ;)

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