Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paging Potter

Or more like Weasley :) Tomorrow marks the end of Alex's run as a junior Calithumpian and he has the 'part' of Ron Weasley. They tend to inject pop culture people into their plays about local history or social issues and well Alex was a shoe in for that role with his flaming red hair. I wonder if I can be Molly and Lillian could be Ginnie? ;) I had to dig out my old witch costume for him tonight to make him look a little 'Hogwarty'. They're doing an anti bullying play, ironically one of the kids that Alex would peg as a bully is playing one in said production

For those interested in catching Alex's performance the junior Calithumpians perform at 12 pm at Officer's Square, or at Barrack's square in the event of showers.

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Pumpkin said...

That's awesome! It's too bad I wasn't there to see him :o) Congrats Alex!!!!