Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Door Has Openned

It's true, when a door closes another one opens. However hanging on in the mean time can be a b*tch. ;) That was our September/October, a wild and crazy ride. The writing had been on the wall for awhile that my husband's group at work was/would be downsizing, however they'd never gone with less than 2 of what he does for a living. The weekend before my birthday we found out otherwise. I don't think anyone can fully appreciate what that does for the psyche until it happens. Thankfully after a couple of weeks of tears and silence he had not one but two interviews back to back and he started back to work this week. It's not that we were in dire straights but that weight has been lifted. We've held off buying a larger home as this one suits us fine, and when I bought it 7 years ago I made sure it was something I alone could afford on maternity leave. :)

However, that 'we shouldn't spend money' translated into me getting my stitching mojo back. It kind of was shelved when Lily started moving around. Now she's not exploring as much so my work is relatively safe ;) I treated myself with a birthday gift card and bought a felt applique kit. I haven't done one in so long and it was a nice break from the norm, or at least until I find my floss boxes!! I put them somewhere after Lily dumped one and haven't a clue where that safe spot is. Amazing as this house has been cleaned and decluttered from top to bottom!!