Monday, April 04, 2011

We Survived!

Day one of back to the real world, that is. Sadly maternity leave is only a memory. Lily did fantastic at Tracy's and well, work wasn't so bad. Having a new project to look forward to helps alot! Five years of working on the same project left me feeling a little pigeon holed, but now I get to do a new project and work with some new people and needless to say I'm excited. However I'm beat! Taking Lily in today was kind of a moving day for her, the playpen, bedding, extra diapers in case her cloth supply runs out for the day, food...was a lugging experience to say the least that I'm glad I don't have to put up with tomorrow.

Momentarily I'm going to put my feet up and stitch a special secret project that I'm aiming to have done by the end of the school year and catch up on some tv with the hubby. But first some pictures of Lily's first day at daycare.

Lily all set in her big girl car seat

Lily and Tracy, the fantastic sitter who took care of Alex for 10 years. I would have taken another picture of her actually looking at the camera, but I was too excited to get her back in my arms.

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