Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthdays and Stash Shopping

Saturday was our first 'us' trip of the new year. To some that might not seem like a big thing but we have no family here in town but just close enough away that juggling travelling decisions can be huge. Mind you when I go to my parents it's like a mini vacation ;) A few weeks back Lily received her first birthday party invitation, and we were eager to jump on board. I've been looking for an excuse to get to Moncton for a long time, I really wanted to get to the region's cross stitch shop Because You Count, I had some boy clothes to hand down but neither of the two alone was enough to justify the trip. A party definitely swayed things in that direction.

Friday was frustrating, I could not for the love of goodness locate my Ornament issue and I really needed some fabric. Add in a snow storm and it's inevitable clean up, a teething night rolling baby and a power outtage and I could have cried Saturday morning when I looked outside and could estimate the clean up time for the driveway. We did make it out however, with just enough time to make it to Because You Count before the party (it closes early on Saturday). I had to drop my Roots outlet store stop but in all honesty, Lily isn't hurting for just would have been a fun trip ;) The party was really fun. My Matron of honor's little boy was turning one and having Lily out and about with kids her own age was really nice to see. Plus catching up was nice too! The time flew by and before we knew it it was an hour after the party, time to drop by Old Navy and grab some dinner at St Hubert and it was well passed someone's bedtime and time to hit the snow covered roads back home.

So...what was in the latest stash purchase? Not as much as normal because I was rushed and brain dead after a night of little sleep.
-JABC Mitten buttons for Alex's sock monkey ornament
-Lizzie Kate's Snowman 2010
-Heart In Hand's Winter Bird (or as some of us lovingly refer to as part of the bird 'pooping' series)
-Fabric for a small Shepherd's Bush piece
-Fabric for this year's Victoria's Sampler ornament, except sparkly!!
-More ornament Fabric
-A frame for Imaginating's Three Kings...which has been finished for years and sitting rolled up :/

Now for some birthday Pics
The Birthday Boy Wyatt
Wyatt's gorgeous Mickey Mouse Cake
Present TimeLily's Garb for the Occasion

Alex after eating a black fondant ear


Lori-Ann said...

Glad you had a good visit. It's hard to plan trips when you have kids, but the added concern of weather makes it harder for sure. That cake looks amazing. Was it home made?

Faith Ann said...

Awwww... sweet pictures!! Sounds like a nice day and you got lots of goodies to boot!

Katie said...

I think a lady in Dieppe made it. It was the party centerpiece for sure!!