Friday, November 12, 2010

One Down

Yay, one item down on the Maternity bucket list :) It's amazing how many clothes a little boy can accumulate over 10 years! In addition to that item I also decluttered our video cabinet, yippee!

Thankfully that's not all that's been occupying my spare time. I've almost finished Shepherd's Bush's Santaberry Pudding, I can't figure out how out of all of my stocking stitching how I could possibly be missing two colours of perle cotton! Oh well, at least I still need to order the charms for Lily's stocking so I can add those two in. Although tonight I'll be finally kitting up an ornament from the ornament issue to take for an over night trip :) Definitely exciting, especially where I haven't picked out my next big project.

It's amazing how much more you can get done when you're finally getting a little sleep again ;)


Lori-Ann said...

Sounds like a gathering, LOL. Have fun.

Oh, and where is the picture of this ornament? Then again, being a busy mom, you probably don't have time to snap a picture.

Faith Ann said...

Hmmm, wonder what your next big project will be? Have you got any WIPs hiding these days? Or something entirely new?