Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

Hooray, I successfully escaped Chateau Chaos Saturday morning and trucked it up to my parents house for the holidays. I left my beloved DH home to finish filling, sanding and painting the mouldings as it does nothing for my respiratory system. I loaded him up on food at my branch's Christmas party the night before and had him well socialized with a game of Rock Band that went until after 1 in the morning. Originally we had planned on having people come to us ofer the holidays but with the finishing lingering and this pregnancy not always agreeing with me, I sought solice in my old home :)
Needless to say it's been great. I finally got around to getting my cards done. It's amazing how much pressure we put ourselves under to get everything done. I'd facebook'd one of my Ottawa friends to find out her address and I got the 'are you crazy? you don't need anymore stress', true! But then again she's a bit more understanding with a 6'ish month old at home ;) I got to help out at a leisurely pace instead of the Martha Stewart mode that no matter how crappy I feel or how immobile I've become in the last month would surely have felt compelled to be, regardless of what others expected of me. I finished off one last stitched gift and actually had some time to make something for me! Omigosh! So here's my latest Mill Hill ornament:

Tomorrow Matt is supposed to join us for a couple of days and then it's back to Freddy and some decluttering.

Merry Christmas One and All :)



Pumpkin said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season too! I was wondering where you were and glad to hear that you are being taken care of ;o)

Beautiful ornament! I just finished one myself and I'm so proud that it's finished finished. LOL!

Daffycat said...

Have the merriest Christmas, Katie!