Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Omigosh, I want this reno to be over! It really zaps the life out of my stitching ;) I can honestly say I haven't picked up my SB piece since I went back to work. Who'd want to get dust on those lovely silks ;) Plus after you've been sanding and painting most nights who'd want to do more crafty stuff? However the end is in sight. All mouldings (excluding the exterior wall baseboard as we're waiting on an electrician) are up. I love the look of the boston headers in the two rooms that we did. However my dh filled the nail holes before I could get a picture so I'll have to wait to take a picture.

In other goings on, I took advantage of Matt's basketball tournament up north to take Alex for a quick jaunt across the border. The boy kind of has a skewed idea about international travel, because two of his uncles live abroad he thinks he's entitled to travel whenever and wherever he wants, ha! So I took him to this little 'town' in Maine where he doesn't 'remember' his last trip as an infant. Well, you'd think I'd taken him to Disney instead of a town that exists solely because there is a Walmart and a grocery store. lol. It was quite funny watching my quite well educated almost 9 year old going completely nuts.

Upon getting about 10 seconds away from the border "It's sooo beautiful"
20 seconds later "Can we go to Ruby Tuesdays"...45 minutes from where we were going, no thanks
Upon jumping out of the van "I've finally arrived and I'm now touching the United States"
Upon seeing a crow fly off of Walmart "Look Mom, a bald eagle"
Less than 30 seconds into Walmart "Do you think we'll see Jon & Kate plus eight here?"

So much for blending in ;) We picked up some of our favorite groceries that we can't get in Canada, Alex begged and pleaded his way into getting a Star Wars figure we haven't seen around here, had a treat of some Friendly's sundaes to go and headed back. I was not looking forward to crossing the border, our enterance into the US was not smooth, between my birth certificate faulter (the town I was born in no longer exists since it merged into a city 14 years ago) and the fact I was crossing the border without Matt with Alex in tow (and I'd forgotten my wedding band at home) lead to a nice search of the van. Oye. However, getting back into Canada was quite smooth, the border guard got a good laugh out of my stock pile of Crystal Light flavors on my receipts and Alex's one toy. Needless to say every day since Alex has been inquiring as to when he can go back.

Also since the last time I blogged we ended up staying put for Easter again and it was wonderful :) It's soo much more fun to spend holidays in your own home. Also, I was quite pleased that a package I'd prepared had arrived. I'll have to post a picture of it's stitched content when I get home :)

Other than that, we're back into crazy season with basketball and karate taking up three consecutive nights in a row. At least there will be plenty of opportunities to read and get out walking ;)


Lori-Ann said...

Well, I got the biggest giggle out of Alex's impressions of the US. Too funny!

Renos... should happen here... IF we knew what we were doing and IF my hubby weren't so tired all the time from working. This house hasn't seen renos in 10 years and boy, does it need them!
Can't wait to see the pictures!

Faith Ann said...

ROFL... I love the "It's sooo beautiful" comment... his reactions are priceless.

Enjoy your Crystal Light!!