Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March Break

Ahh...finally a day off. I didn't take the traditional March break off this year. We've been saving our vacation time for if/when we go down south so I just had my three flex days that I'd been banking. So...Alex got to do what he's always wanted to, head to his Grammie and Pappy's on his own. He's soo much better adjusted than I was at his age, or maybe I'm that terrible he wants to get away ;) When I called him Monday it was like 'mom...why are you calling', but I know he's having a good time. I'm hoping to join him tomorrow, weather and health permitting.

In his absense we've been getting the final preparations in for the last part of the reno 'push' for the two rooms we tore apart. My first day of vacation involved alot of choice words and painting. It reminded my of just how much I hate being 'hovered' over, it puts me in a little Ally McBeal kind of place where I can comically think of 'accidentally' head butting someone. Yes, I'm new to painting but my gawd, I don't need to be looked over >:( It does not bring out the best in me that's for certain ;)

After painting wrapped up for the evening I got to use up some of the excess paint and complete a little project I've been gathering materials for, and have had in my head for a little while. Alex has been wanting a dragon room, and while I've been stitching a number of them for that I kind of wanted something a little 'extra so I played around with some of my former scrapbooking materials and hopefully it's not too girly. At least it was a good excuse to use up some of the leftover paint from his room reno ;)


Lori-Ann said...

You did a GREAT job on the door hanger, and it isn't at all girly.

Not sure I could teach a hobby. The hovering would drive me nuts as well.

Faith Ann said...

I love the door-knocker!!!! It's so cute!!!