Monday, February 16, 2009

Starting Your Weekend Off With A Bang!

They say things come in threes...well, my beloved flat iron decided to die, I was greated with a piece of falling weather stripping Friday and when I returned home the boys had literally blown up the microwave, it probably wasn't the best day to have taken advantage of a super duper deal on a bed in a bag for the guestroom ;)

So we spent Friday checking out microwaves with what little time we had after basketball and it was discouraging. We're not big nukers, we nuke our lunches at work and our system for leftovers is pretty much, if it's nukeable, it's for lunches. The prices we were looking at for stainless steel was getting up near 200 for something we don't use too often. Then our first stop Saturday was Sears and that openned up the over the stove debate, which would be significantly more and involved changing the height of one/all of our cabinets, wiring, retrimming, painting and an appliance that is much bigger than our needs with a very big pricetag. Thankfully our next stop was HomeDepot (our new home away from home) and there was the baby, same brand as before, stainless steel and cheaper than any of the white ones we'd come across. Yay! But like any HomeDepot trip it turned into a, let's look at knobs, lets look at this or that. Thankfully there was also a mouldings seminar going on and Matt got to watch someone building the Boston headers I want to put on the doors :) Not as bad as some people were making it up to be :) So we left there with a microwave, knobs for the two doors we're replacing and handles for the closets. It's progress. I should also be transferring some pics that mom took of the rooms so far to the blog soon. :)

Sunday I scored a deal on a new digital camera. Mine went AWOL over the holidays and after tearing houses apart looking for it I bit the bullet and bought a new one. Missing pictures of my son is just not worth waiting out for it to show up. On the flip side the boys would love a camera to play around with and having one designated for camping and stuff isn't such a bad idea ;) So I should be able to post some pics of my finished projects for 2009 and a gorgeous exchange ornament really soon :)


Lori-Ann said...

Man, you're FULL of good ideas! Wanna renovate my house next? LOL.

How's your video game world? abandoned?

Faith Ann said...

So you had one of those money-pit weekends, didja?

It sounds like you made progress though... will be awaiting pics :)

Pumpkin said...

Good, expect to see pictures now ;o)