Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

I must have taken a cue from Alex's Wish Upon a Star stitched piece as it worked! Monday, after a weekend of a head cold and a headache that came and went (at least it wasn't a migraine), I had no energy to deal with the snowstorm or getting my vehicle out. DH was in 'company man' mode and not dealing with the mess in the driveway, if he'd spent half as much attention the the driveway as he did the deck over the lunch hour I could of gotten out. >:( I seriously thought he was joking when he told me I should go shovel, I mean I'm home sick, I feel like crap, I'm not eating, it's not like I was doing anything I even like to do, but at 8 it still wasn't done. So I went out, and shovelled , I was so mad and frustrated I threw down the shovel at one point to take a deep breath and looked up. The area we live in has a beautiful unobscured view of the stars and they are particularly beautiful during the winter. Sure enough did I not see a shooting one? I'm not big on wishing but I did, not for the lotto, not for alot of things I'd like or want to change in my life, just a little help. I quit shovelling when I got the halfway point. Eventually Matt cleared out enough room for him to get out and I made it to work the next day, definitely not the nice recharge batteries kind of sick day that's for certain.

Tuesday was just a day in the crapper on pretty much every level, work sucked, marriage sucked, in fact as soon as I put everything in the washers I jammied up, curled up in bed and was chatting on the phone. DH comes in 20 minutes later and asks me if I'd paid someone to clear out the driveway as apparently there was a 4 wheeler plowing us out. Apparently a guy a street over saw me shovelling out the mailbox when I got home from work and noticed how narrow our driveway was (we can fit at least 5 car lengths, if not more so's a long haul so the path was as skinny as possible), anyway, he was bored and decided to go play with his 4 wheeler. I almost burst into tears.

I guess some wishes do come true.


Lori-Ann said...

Oh, that's so sweet of the guy!! I'm sorry you are really sick. I'm trying to avoid the germs. Probably won't be sucessful, LOL

yea... marriages are like the tide. Ups and downs like waves and sometimes there's alot of crap that wash up on shore, LOL. ;o) (maybe I'm not good at comparisons... but it's just a bit funny.)

Sigh... the warm beaches of summer.

Faith Ann said...

After a crappy day like that, I'm so glad that someone came along to brighten it. We all need those kind little gestures at times... they can really change a mood.

Pumpkin said...

I think it was well deserved and I'm happy that someone actually did something nice for a change :o)