Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tis The Season For Exchanging

After being completed for months I can finally share my Christmas exchange ornament as it's found it's way into it's intended home.

To add to our Christmas excitement, Wednesday Alex's Boys Choir performed at the Premier's Open House at Centennial Place. It was sooo nice. I'm seriously contemplating skipping his school concert next year and simply going to see him sing there. No crazy non working family members that show up hours+++++ in advance so their husbands can waltz in at the last minute for a front row seat for his lazy a** to compete with. It burns my biscuits that I make the effort to leave almost an hour early and still get stuck in the back. Anyway, I got to see Alex sing for 30 minutes without any competition for space or pictures (much better than an hour and maybe seeing him sing 3 times, now that he's in the choir). Then the boys were escorted up to the Premier's office to sing their rendition of Rudolph, and my son was just so darn cute he actually got a picture taken with the Premier himself.

It was honestly what I needed to brighten my Christmas spirit. It hit an all time low Tuesday. Shock doesn't even begin to describe what state I was in after I got the list of victim's in a fatal crash back home. I'm sitting there reading Facebook status's looking at the surname's and as mom's listing off their first names I was still sitting there hoping one of them was the survivor in the list. One was a neighbor, and was one of the involved parents that you sat back and admired, the one with the big wave and smile no matter where you passed him. Another was a classmate who would alway liven up any Church server's get together (think co ed alter 'boys') and youth group with his mischievious ways. He was one of the faces you'd expect to see at Christmas eve service no matter how old we ever got and just seemed to beam as his own family grew. While I didn't know the third personally, his wife was in my class and one of the sweetest people you could meet. It absolutely breaks my heart thinking of what she will go through with her two young daughters in the future. Six children left fatherless, two celebrating their first Christmas's without their fathers, sad just doesn't seem to cut it. :(


Marion said...

I heard about that accident, and what a horrible tragedy!

Beautiful stitching by the way!!!!

Oh, I totally get you on the Christmas concert thing! I just went to my last one at the Elementary school (sad in one way)...but I totally agree about the waiting and ending up in the back!!!!
Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!
I bet your son's concert was fabulous!!
Take care

Dani - tkdchick said...

What sad news!

I'm glad to hear your son could liven up your week a little. In the end I think the season really is all about children.

Your stitching is just lovely!

And thanks for your support through my journey and my blahs! Haven't had a bad case of the blahs in a long time!

Pumpkin said...

I can attest that that is one gorgeous ornament even though I was not the recipient ;o)

Alex is adorable!

I'm so sorry to hear about that news :o( That area has had it's share of tragedy this past year.

Faith Ann said...

My beautiful ornament!!

It is sadly put away (with the very delicate "must-be-careful-with" ornaments). I *love* it.

I'm glad DS's Christmas concert wasn't like what you've experienced... that's ridiculous.