Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Pics

Summer Eats
Summer Treats (homemade chocolate ice cream anf fresh strawberries :))
At our subdivisions Lake :)

Hayride at the Campground - Bear Island NB

Hiking at the appropriately named 'Alex' Creek - Mactaquac NB

Alex riding the Kamikaze

Me coming in on the Pro Racer

Meeting Hunter

Clan Côté


Lori-Ann said...

Great pictures, Katie! Thanks for sharin!

Faith Ann said...

Looks like a fun (and yummy) summer!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see there are other New Brunswick stitchers out there

Lori-Ann said...

I have an award for you. Pick it up and wear it proudly. :o)

Shannon said...

Fantastic pictures :D What a happy family ! And that food... oh my. Yum !